Be Influential Project Conflict Resolution between Host and Displaced Community

Aden - Dar Saad District
Global Community + USAID Donor

Enjaz Foundation for Development implemented the Be Influential project - conflict resolution between the host and displaced communities

As the project included approximately (10,891 males/ 8,851 females), the project outcomes focused on the following:

1- Training 15 leaders from neighborhood leaders and local councils, 18 displaced people, and 15 women leaders in peaceful coexistence and accepting the others from Dar Saad District.

2-  Implementation of 12 discussion sessions for 120 young people (displaced and host community) by the targets of the activity (1) Neighborhood leaders, local councils, and women leaders, about peaceful coexistence and acceptance of others in the districts of Sayun Tarim and Al-Qattan.

3- Holding 6 reconciliation sessions for 60 participants to resolve conflict issues between the displaced and the host community through neighborhood leaders and women leaders in the districts of Sayun, Tarim, and Al-Qattan.

4- priority issues were identified in the directorates, and 3 important issues were granted financial grants to implement small community initiatives.

كن مؤثرا بتنفيذ الوكالة الامريكيه
البرنامج التدريبي مفاهيم الصراع وبناء السلام وعلاقتها بالنوع الاجتماعي

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