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Enjaz Foundation for Development is a non-profit Foundation , voluntary civil society that seeks to achievesustainable development and empower the youth and women in fields of economically, politically and socially. It founded in 10/3/2010.
335 issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
EFD also promotes the participation of youth and women in the field of human rights and sustainable development during crises and conflicts through the provision of basic needs services.


To be a leading organization that develops and empowers youth and women to create civilized effective community depending on principles of democracy values, coexistence policies and human rights.


To contribute in the development of the Yemeni society and to meet its urgent and ongoing needs.
To advance sustainable development through the establishment of quality programs based on effective partnerships with official bodies, civil society organizations and local & international private sector As a third partner giving priority to the women , youth and children sector.


1- Building the capacity of youth and women in the economic empowerment and entrepreneurs.
2- Encourage youth initiatives , support voluntary action and self-initiatives to achieve equitable development for all, and build effective partnerships between young people, local authorities and civil organizations.
3- Create jobs for young people , improve the working environment to accommodate them through ,connect the outputs of education to the labor market and encourage young people to establish small-scale projects, particularly poor women.
Encourage talented young men and women gift by providing the best opportunities to develop their skills and talents and create suitable opportunities for them.
5- Training youth on the principles of the human rights, the culture of democracy and civil work ,the dialogue and acceptance others , the concepts of peaceful coexistence, and the rejection of the culture of violence, extremism and terrorism . Also supporting programs that serve the security and stability of Yemen.

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Yemen and Kuwait Bank(149452) and Yemen International Bank(711154)