Al-Jabali, along with Raydan, inaugurate the work of the discussion circle on social protection to provide social cohesion in Hotat Lahj

Al-Jabali, along with Raydan, inaugurate the work of the discussion circle on social protection to provide social cohesion in Hotat Lahj

Al-Jabali, along with Raydan, inaugurate the work of the discussion circle on social protection to provide social cohesion in Hotat Lahj

This Thursday morning, Mr. Sami Salem Saif Al-Jabali, Director General of Al-Houta District, Lahj Governorate, along with Mr. Raydan Abdullah Ahmed, Director of the Social Protection Project for the Yemeni Community, inaugurated the activities of the discussion circle on the Social Protection Project to provide social cohesion to the Yemeni community, in the lecture hall located at Ibn Khaldun General Hospital in The capital of Lahj Governorate is Al-Houtah.

The progress of the work of this important positive discussion circle, in which there was an extensive discussion about the necessity of providing the necessary social protection to the Yemeni community and all legitimate and sufficient means to achieve this and in a way that strengthens its cohesion and removes it from the cycle of misery and deprivation that is weighing on its chest in light of these circumstances. The tragedy afflicting the country and its people and the importance of emerging from it to broad horizons of improving people’s livelihoods and providing a better standard of living for the people of Yemeni society, ensuring a safe life and decent living in their community, which has been struck by the scourges of war and its tragedies, with funding from the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works. It is implemented by the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Enjaz Foundation for Development
During the course of the discussion circle, whose coordination sessions were held with decision makers in order to facilitate the implementation of the project activities in Lahj Governorate in general and Al-Houta District in particular, and the activities of its sessions were attended by Ms. Anwar Walid Saleh, the project coordinator, Mr. Sami said: At the beginning of the matter, I am very pleased that I will be present with you today in your discussion session, which I hope you will truly benefit from, enabling you to implement the programs and activities that you will be assigned to, and for what will serve Al-Hawtah and its people. I appreciate the efforts made by all the workers at the Enjaz Foundation for Development, who did not spare any effort. I made an effort to provide much of the assistance that the Directorate needs. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to them for the assistance they provide. I am certain that the selection for this discussion group has been done with great care and according to the criteria requested by the Foundation. I hope that they will live up to the expectations of the Directorate and Her confidence in them is to make the most of this introductory workshop in carrying out their tasks and activities in serving their families and people in the district and the benefit and benefits it will bring them.

For his part, Professor Raydan Abdullah said: The peace committees that will be formed will consist of twenty individuals as permanent members, indicating that they will be decision-makers and have their voice and active role in society and heard by all other parties.. noting that this will be the role The first for them

Professor Raydan added: As for your second role, it will be in the axis of economic empowerment, which is livelihoods and is the main direction we are heading today… explaining that there will be beneficiaries in Lahj in general and Al-Houta in particular, so that a link will be downloaded that will register the beneficiaries. Through it and those who meet the criteria, they will be selected by a committee from the UNDP itself. It is stated that the twenty permanent members will be the ones who will be responsible for nominating them and educating them on how to submit the application.

Raydan added by saying: This economic empowerment will consist of providing cash grants to these individuals within the Lahji community… indicating that these young people will be trained in four to five fields, and they will be distributed according to the nature of the labor market’s needs based on supply and demand. Which will be known through a field survey of the market and the type of its needs. It is explained that they will be trained for 24 days in vocational training, and then grants will be provided to them after they are able to practice their work after receiving the necessary training. Raydan stated that the third axis will be on the topic of safe spaces. Through which a number of safe spaces that will be selected in the directorate will be supported with operating expenses for a year after submitting them to the donor and approving them, and there are many things that you will learn about through the discussion and introductory seminar. A fruitful episode that will have positive repercussions on the Lahji community in the next few days, God willing.

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