Distribution of blankets and winter clothing

Aden and Taiz
International Symposium for Islamic Youth

Enjaz Foundation for Development implemented a project to distribute blankets and winter clothing to alleviate suffering and emphasize the tolerant Islamic values of helping the weak , based on the saying of the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, “I and the one who sponsors an orphan are like these in Paradise,” and he pointed with his two fingers. The project included about (190 orphans), and the project’s outcomes focused on the following:

  1. 190 orphans obtained winter clothing (blankets and jackets)
  2. Improving the living, health and environmental conditions of orphans is reflected in their psychological and morale, which positively affects their academic achievement and results and thus their success in their working lives and their self-reliance.
  3. It provides safety, protection, and a suitable environment for deprived orphan children to raise them as useful members of themselves and their society.

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