Rainwater harvesting tanks project

Ibb / Al-Qafr District
Athar Foundation for Innovation

The Enjaz Foundation for Development, in partnership with the Athar Foundation for Innovation, implemented the water tanks project needed by the village of Al-Mihal - Al-Qafr District in Ibb Governorate, because there were many rural schools that suffered from a severe shortage of water suitable for drinking and daily uses. This deficiency exposes students and teachers to the risk of disease and limits their ability to learn and teach.

The most prominent outcomes of the project were the following:

  • The needs of 110 male and female students at Al-Zubairi School, in addition to the 374 residents of the village, were met for water suitable for drinking and daily use.
  • The health level of rural school students has been improved through the use of clean water.
  • Awareness of the importance of rainwater harvesting and its sustainability was enhanced among students, teachers and local communities.
Rainwater harvesting tanks project
Athar Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with Enjaz Foundation for Development

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