Cholera prevention interventions

Dhamar - Maghreb Anas District

Enjaz Foundation for Development, with the support of UNICEF, implemented a project on cholera prevention interventions in water and sanitation in the Akmat Al-Futuh region, Maghreb Ans District Dhamar Governorate. The project included about (693 males/567 females) and was to improve and enhance water and sanitation services. Hygiene in 3 villages located in Akmat Al-Futuh in Dhamar Governorate in order to reduce the rate of disease and mortality due to the spread of cholera is one of the most prominent objectives of the project, as the project objectives also focused on the following:

  1. Field trip and carrying out a survey of the targeted families.
  2. Training courses for volunteers.
  3. Awareness sessions on hygiene and water use.
  4. Distribution of hygiene bags and water bottles.
  5. Distribution of chlorine tablets to targeted families.
  6. Rehabilitation of the water source.
  7. Construction of the tank and manholes.
  8. Extending the network from the water source to the tank.
  9. Digging and building cisterns, covering them, and connecting them to sewage networks.
  10. Installation of a chlorination system (chlorine right device).

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