Emergency water response to camps in the field of water and sanitation

Amran Governorate

Enjaz Foundation for Development, with the support of UNICEF, implemented the Emergency Response Project for Water and Environmental Sanitation for the camps of Amran Governorate.
The project included about 483 males and 395 females. The project outputs focused on the following:

  1. 6146 individuals have access to sufficient quantities of potable water through the establishment of new water points.
  2. Maintenance was carried out on 4 water points, and 10 tanks with a capacity of 3000 liters to 5000 liters were provided.
  3. Improving sanitation services for 878 families of vulnerable residents through maintaining the community sanitation system (toilet) in four areas (Al-Qafla - Raydah - Amran City - Al-Mada'in), and draining septic tanks in three areas.
  4. 12 community committees were trained and equipped with maintenance and collective cleanliness tools in four areas for 12 camps.
  5. 12 cleanliness campaigns were carried out in 12 camps in four directorates (Al-Qafla - Raida - Al-Madan - Amran City).

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