A ray of hope and security Abdel-Bari neighborhood Mr. Amal Saeed

A ray of hope and security – Abdel-Bari neighborhood – Mr. Amal Saeed

Success stories of the “Be Influential” project

The Be Influential project is a project implemented by the Enjaz Foundation for Development with support from the Global Community Organization. This project aims to identify priority community needs within the host community in Dar Saad District, as Dar Saad District is considered the largest district within Aden Governorate in which the population groups are diverse, as it is the highest directorate of In terms of the presence of the number of displaced people and refugees, in addition to the marginalized and the host community, this diversity was reflected in the diversity of societal needs, and because of the lack of resources, dispute and conflict always occurred.

Which escalated until it reached the stage of fighting over these resources in some residential neighborhoods. It was necessary to have a project that reinforced the principle of coexistence. Community condensation works to build the capabilities of local authorities and community and women leaders in the directorate to work on identifying the most important needs and priorities and then contribute to alleviating community conflicts by providing priority services to these communities.

Here we review some of the success stories that resulted from the project, as follows:

A ray of hope and security – Abdel-Bari neighborhood – Mr. Amal Saeed

Amal Saeed is one of the women participating in the “Be Influential” project. She is one of the women leaders in her area and a member of the local authority. Amal participated in the training courses within the project and it helped her acquire multiple skills such as: conflict analysis and identifying the needs of her community, skills for dealing with problems and resolving disputes.

This knowledge she acquired strengthened her abilities and skills in dealing with community problems and conflicts that occur in her neighborhood. Amal headed one of the groups in her neighborhood and worked to coordinate discussion sessions during which she hosted Aqel Al- Hara, members of community committees, and community leaders in her neighborhood, and they all worked to identify the most important needs in their area.

Then, in the reconciliation sessions, a matrix of problems a matrix of solutions, and proposed projects were reviewed, based on which the project was chosen to be financed with the financial grant provided by the Be Influential project. Amal and her colleagues went out to the neighborhood, consulted with the community, and determined the locations for choosing the lighting, and the lighting was installed in the neighborhood. Agreed places, which contributed greatly to alleviating conflicts that occurred, theft, harassment, etc.

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